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Imagine having a friendly place where you could get qualified answers without being billed $100s per hour to get them.

Community Discussions

Don’t sit in a dark room and dive down the YouTube rabbit hole. Take in community content & have a community conversation.

Profit-led Purpose

Get the social accountability you may need to trust the process and commit to the journey of running a profit-led business.

Workshops + Calls

Feel the value of being an active part of a purpose-led and experience-driven community of like-minded people.


Follow along as the team at Bootstrapper Capital build the community + fund in public by following process.

Education via Ownership

Where else can you not only have access to resources, but also, the opportunity to have ownership as well?

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Work with a community advisor to co-create your personal exit plan designed to help you identify which of the five exits you need to focus on & how to adopt profit-led frameworks in your approach. 

Get matched with your peer advisory group + social pod.

After you complete your personal exit plan you can join a small group of 8 – 12 business owners facing similar challenges at the same stage as yourself. 

Grow Social Reach

Grow Social Reach

Like and support one another via social media pods on LinkedIn to grow audience and expand reach.

Stay Accountable

Stay Accountable

Keep one another accountable as you execute simple bets to build your brand and grow the value of your business.

Build Credibility

Build Credibility

Like and engage with pod member’s content to help boost the algorithms and juice up social syndication.

Work Together

Work Together

Learn and share from peers who are most likely to be solving the same problems at the same time as yourself. 


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