Master the 5-exits of ownership & put more profit in your pocket.

This is where business owners come to feel supported navigating the 5-exits of ownership, while focusing on bootstrapping a better life & unlocking value in our businesses – together – as a profit-led community.

Always be 'exiting'.

Whether we want to or not, every business owner is always exiting from something in their business. 

Master the 5 exits that every business owners eventually has to navigate & build a more valuable business in the process.

A place to master the 5-exits of ownership


Unlock value & navigate to your next exit successfully.

Learn how to set simple structures that keep your business focuses.

Strategy equals focus. Regardless of which exit you are at in your business it is important to identify the most important things first to focus all of your efforts and resources on as a solopreneur, or team.

Adopt strategies to run a profit-led business

We promote businesses in our community to learn how to adopt profit-led principals in your business, so you can right-size your cash flow, make payrolls on time, and achieve the personal financial goals you’ve set for yourself and your family.

Get accountability to build better & unlock value in your business

We have invested in creating the structures, strategies, and solutions that you can simply adopt within your day-to-day business operations to help you drive results, increase revenue, and save you time + money.

Unlock value. master your next exit.

The 5-exits every business owner faces.

We have simplified the five exits every business owner faces down to an art & science that makes building a plan simple and executing it attainable.

Exit 1: Exit from the day job.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves building their business on the side. At this stage, we are trying to exit from doing the work in our 9-5 to making our business the primary focus.

Exit 2: Exit from doing the work.

Once we are in business full-time for ourselves, the job to be done is to exit ourselves from doing all of the work & build a team of talented people who can compliment our vision.

Exit 3: Exit from managing people.

After you find yourself with a team in place, the next focus becomes a need to stop managing people and to start managing a business system with metrics and processes in place.

Exit 4: Exit from managing the day-to-day operations.

One your business system is in place it is time to exit having to put out all of the fires yourself, and instead hire an operating leader or leadership team who can effectively turn you into a passive owner.

Exit 5: Exit from ownership.

At some point, every business eventually ‘exits’ for good. The goal when this is the case is to make sure it’s a desirable exit that you both want and achieves the maximum amount of value you are able to see as a return on your life’s work.

Build a simple, profitable business you enjoy owning.

Let’s face it, owning a business can sometimes s^ck. 

As a community, we care about what we do with our time & have perfected the art and science behind building a better business that can support our ideal life we want to live. If you are building on a budget, stressed out, overwhelmed, and still will do whatever it takes to deliver on your dream, then this may be the place you belong.

Following Our North Star

Community with a real purpose

Community based capital

Community based capital

We want to build an accredited investment fund that is for us and by us to provide the most affordable and flexible capital to our members.

Education by ownership

Education by ownership

We want to leverage regulation equity crowd funding to distribute the ownership of the community into the hands of it’s members to empower education via true ownership.


The story of our community

This community wasn’t just a random idea. It was the biproduct of 3,000+ people raising their hands and voting for it’s existence.

Built with purpose

We deserve to build better

Small business owners and entrepreneurs deserve some respect.

We are the backbone of the economy, creating over 60% of new jobs in the United States alone. Our drive, creativity, and resilience fuel innovation and bring fresh ideas to the marketplace, often transforming entire industries and the way we live. 

Supporting us is not just about fostering economic growth; it’s about investing in community development and social cohesion. We contribute significantly to local economies by keeping money close to home and supporting neighborhood jobs. 

Moreover, we often offer unique, personalized experiences and services, enriching the cultural and social fabric of our communities. By supporting each other, we champion diversity, encourage sustainability, and enable individuals to realize their dreams, making our societies more vibrant and inclusive. 

Advisory group

Adriano Savedra

Exit 2 Founding

Cyntia Amarilla

Exit 2 Founder

Andrew Sevakovic

Exit 2 Owner

Jenny Savarina

Exit 2 Owner

Surround yourself with like-minded people via intimate advisory groups.

Get paired up with 8 – 12 people at similar stages as you, facing similar problems, and then solve them better together. 

Business is not easy.

Our mission

Lets make building a better life affordable, accessible, and flexible for every entrepreneur.

The door of financial freedom is still closed for far too many entrepreneurs. Not every business is suitable to go raise boatloads of venture capital or take a moonshot. Some of us need to focus on getting to simple, profitable outcomes to support our families and deliver on our dreams. 

This community is built for the rest of us. Those of us willing to make simple sacrifices today to build a better tomorrow. Those of us willing to put in the hard work and do what is necessary to fulfill our responsibilities. 

The bootstrappers. The builders. The doers. You. 



Sure, your network could equal your net worth, but the reality is, it is so much more than that. It’s collaboration, it’s inspiration, it’s accountability. It matters.



It is not just about ‘who you know’ but who and what you can be connected with. We look to connect our members with the right solutions, at the right times, to make the right difference.



Time, know how, and money are the top three excuses we hear our entrepreneurs use when it comes to building better businesses. Our goal is to remove all three.

Where bootstrappers build better, together.

Discover the unique benefits of community membership & how a new season of entrepreneurs are making simple bets, running experiments, and achieving profit first outcomes together.


This is NOT your average community.

This is an authentic group of people who are willing to trust the process and commit to the journey. That being said, life is a real thing, and together we can hold each other accountable + champion one another through both the wins & losses.

We believe in hard work.

We believe in hard work.

We believe that sometimes in order to get what you want in life you need to just show up and be willing to put in the work for it each and every day. Trust the process & commit to the journey.

We believe in what we build.

We believe in what we build.

As an entrepreneur we know that owning a business is not always easy. That is why we need to believe in what we are building and the value that we deliver to the world in the process.

We follow our 'why'.

We follow our 'why'.

In order to grit and grind to persevere long enough to see our dreams become our realities, it is important to understand what fills our tanks and why we care enough about our vision to see it into fruition.

We help each other win.

We help each other win.

Big team or small, building a business is a lonely road. Whether you are a solopreneur, small business owner, or tycoon, we want to build better together.

We build profit-led.

We build profit-led.

Building a business on a budget is no simple task. That is why we promote the discipline required to hold you accountable to your bottom line as you build a better business.

We know relationships matter.

We know relationships matter.

Our network is often our net worth. We believe you get more by giving than by taking, and as a member of this community you will end up taking out far more than you put in.

Unlock value. Master the 5-exits of ownership.

Your 'exit'. Your focus.


Everything starts somewhere, and when you join the community you’ll have the opportunity to pick at what stage you are in your business to then focus on the right things with the right people going through similar experiences.

Start with a plan.



We believe that everything in life starts with a plan. As a part of your onboarding journey you’ll get to experience an orientation bootcamp designed to get you introduced to core concepts of our community and then help you navigate the process of building a plan.

Connect with simple solutions.


On of the most powerful aspects of our community is the growing ecosystem of partners and solutions that will help you build a better business on a budget. Unlock the value of connecting with qualified service partners who can help you build brand equity, implement automations, and get you focused on operating with profit first financials.


The Bootstrapper Bundle

Included in full membership is our attempt at providing every entrepreneur who is building a business on a budget ‘the bundle’ of resources necessary to get to simple, profitable outcomes.

Books + Workbooks

Are printed books so ‘old school’ they’ve become the ‘new school’? We feel like there is just something more tangible about a printed book in your hand.


Along with the physical books, you will have access to digital bootcamps that follow the printed materials in a structured and accessible manner.

Ecosystem Partners

All of the structures and strategies in the world are made that much easier when executed by one of our vetted and trusted ecosystem partners.

Bootstrapping - we even wrote 'the book' on it

Amazing Value

It took over 7 years and 100,000+ words to write the (3) books included inside every bootstrapper bundle. 

Including, ‘The Book’ on Bootstrapping.

Get Accountable
Attend Workshops

Save Your

Mind & Money

Feel supported

Get exclusive deals on solutions & tools to build your business better.

This Month

Attend live workshops and bootcamps

Bootstrapper Bootcamps

Our platform is designed to provide you with a flexible and accessible learning experience that fits your unique needs.
Investopreneur Journey

Investopreneur Journey

Follow along in your copy of ‘The Investopreneur Journal’ as you master your personal ‘why’ and design a financial framework to build within.

View Lessons
Profit-Led Bootcamp

Profit-Led Bootcamp

Learn what it takes to build a financially stable business that achieves sustainable growth and profitability through strategic discipline.

View Lessons
Live Chats & Calls

Live Chats & Calls

Take advantage of live calls and connect with fellow investopreneurs to learn in a social setting.

View Lessons
North Star Strategy Bootcamp

North Star Strategy Bootcamp

Unlock the power of your vision / purpose / mission to align into your personal ‘why’ and lead your business with a strategic focus into the right objectives, strategies, and actions.

View Lessons
Business Valuation Bootcamp

Business Valuation Bootcamp

Learn what potential buyers in the market would value your business at today (and why) so you can strategically design a plan to unlock value, build wedge equity, and win.

View Lessons
Business Transformation Plan Bootcamp

Business Transformation Plan Bootcamp

Work through a step-by-step program designed to help you identify how you can unlock value in your business by building both brand and operational equity to grow your profitability.

Maximize your personal wealth while building a profit-led business.

We appreciate the freedom that comes along with having a sustainable business that is able to disburse consistent and meaningful free cash flow month-over-month. 

Manage your budget

Getting a firm sense of accountability on where your money is going may be the very first step towards running a simple, profitable business. 

Balance allocations %

Understand what money is coming in and then feel the accountability to allocate it into the right accounts that allow you to ‘right-size’ your financials.

Enjoy profitability

Running profit first isn’t a silver bullet – its a commitment that requires discipline to trust the process and commit to the journey.


Stories of Delightful Transformations

a 10+ year overnight success story

We practice what we teach.

We know what it means first hand to have to just show up every single day and put in the hard work to pursue your dreams.

Bootstrapped to Exit

  • 2012

a Simple Holding Company

  • 2013

Bootstrapper Capital

  • 2021

Building w/ Community

  • Today

Master your profit-led finances.

A large part of our community culture is focused on appreciating what goes into running a simple, profitable business. Lets face it, when you are building on a budget, money matters. 

For us, everything starts with knowing and maintaining your profit first financial strategy as outlined in our books, workbooks, and bootcamps. 

Unlock your the power of your 'why'.

Harnessing the power of your North Star Strategy is a game changing accomplishment for any entrepreneur, let alone someone building on a budget. 

Understand where to focus and why – so you can then allocate your limited resources into the most impactful objectives, strategies, and actions that actually move your business forward. 

Feel the community accountability to outcomes.

We all know that eating our vegies is important – just like we know building our business with process, systems, and experiment based approaches is the right call. However, when it comes down to it, life is a real thing, and sometimes what is ‘easy’ gets in the way of what is ‘right’. 

Leverage community and the science of social accountability to commit to the hard things.

Build better together from anywhere.

Power of building together fits right in the palm of your hand.

built by you

Our journey building this with you.

The entire idea for this community was built from the feedback and opinions of our 50,000+ newsletter subscribers who voted for it! Take a look at and read each of the issues of our newsletter linked below as we built this entire community in public. 

First we validate interest.

In Issue #284 we asked for the first time if we should launch a community to help drive accountability to actions, host events and workshop, access resources, and just generally hangout with likeminded folks. With over 1,000+ votes the answer was an astounding ‘YES!’

Next we gathered support.

In Issue #285 we wanted to learn how many people would be willing to take an active role in helping us get this community off the ground. 200 beautiful souls raised their hands and offered up help!

Then we discover pricing.

In Issue #286 we wanted to take a pulse of our audience to see what the market thought about pricing. Surprisingly the highest price point was the top choice! Looking to support our goal of affordable & accessible we quickly ideated the idea of a sponsorship to help those building on a budget.

Finally we unlock our 'why'

In Issue #287 we wanted to challenge if another community needed to exist & if so, ‘WHY’. It was here that we set our community goals:

1. Education via ownership.

2. A community fund concept. 

How it Works

Our community score board

Goals are important because they let you know how well you are doing. It’s important to measure what matters and be focused on a strategy that moves the meter. These are the goals that our community has committed to executing as we build together towards ownership.


Launch w/ 100+ paying 'Founding Members'


Give out 10k books on bootstrapping


Raise a $3M community proof-of-concept fund


Convert our members into owners of a B-Corp
A simple goal to pay it forward

Lets give out 10k free books & grow our community together!

The Investopreneur Journal

$24.95 on Amazon

'The Book' on Bootstrapping

$19.95 on Amazon

The Workbook on Wedge Equity

$49.95 on Amazon

How can we afford FREE books?

You mean we can get a FREE copy of the book PLUS a 30-day trial of the community membership for only $1! That’s amazing and all, but how is that even possible? 

One word. SPONSORS!

our team working


giving back

  • Thank You To Our Sponsors

    Thank You To Our Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors!

Our sponsors have helped us deliver on our mission of making this community affordable, accessible, and flexible by sponsoring bootstrappers who are building on a budget with free books and 30-day trial memberships, as well as, bootstrapper bundles.

Trust the process. Commit to your journey.

When you join this community you will have a team of raving fans who will be cheering you on each and every step of your journey building a better business.


active member goal


books given goal


community fund goal




What they say about us

Hear what some of our early adopters to the BootCamp had to say about their experience. 

Such a supportive place to come and build.

Robert Partker, London

This course is amazing 👍 I didn’t expect this so much of great information! So much positive energy and clear and actionable insights to just hit the ground running with!

Lucas Tomhill, Orlando

This bootcamp is amazing 🔥 I didn’t expect this so much of great information! The open, positive, and proactive approach helps us find ways to align our work environment with the culture and attitude you and your team aspire.

Frederic Simone, New York

This was a great experience and something I would have paid 10x the investment for.

Shirley Alaska, Washington
So many insights, new information, ways to align your work environment. loved the tips about landing page.
Stephanie Smith, Miami

Do. Not. Stop. 👍 I didn’t expect this at all. You need to keep delivering this to more people.

Jason Lapac, New York

Build a better business on a budget.

As a team that has helped dozens (if not hundreds) of business owners get to simple, profitable outcomes – we are committed to fostering an environment that will give you the structures, strategies, and accountability to do the same.

"We signed $30k+ worth of new contracts in January. All credit goes to the advice you gave."

Marvin S.

Build better together.

We work collaboratively to create content that resonates, campaigns that convert, and strategies that stand the test of trends. Join in on discussions, attend workshops, raise your hand to get any questions you may have answered. Then put it all to work.

Message From the Founder

“Together we can make education through ownership a real goal and in the process help one another bootstrap a better life.”

Chris Sacchinelli

Chris Sacchinelli

Founder, Investopreneur @ Bootstrapper Capital

Our Pricing

Reserve Your Seat

With a community goal of making access to resources both affordable and flexible for any entrepreneur building on a budget – we have come up with two pricing options. 

For those of us who are a bit further along on our journey and can afford the expense, we ask you sponsor someone who may be going through the same struggles you once overcame yourself. As a thank you, we’ve bundled in a few extra perks for you.

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